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Here at Mint we specialise in both Marketing Recruitment, Advertising Recruitment, and their supporting sectors. Interestingly Marketing and Advertising often get lumped together because, generally, they are both related to customer or user acquisition for a business.

So is there a difference between Marketing and Advertising?

I think the easiest way to understand this is you pay a third party for your advertising space but not necessarily true of your marketing. Advertising is a facet of marketing.

Marketing includes; Search Engineering Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email marketing and these all interact or overlap with one another. For example without the keyword research of your SEO specialist you will not know the search terminology used by your prospective audience, and therefore will be unlikely to generate relevant content for them. This content you generate is very likely to shape the content your company shares via Social media and Email marketing. This content created can also be in a variety of formats, be that, written / blog type content, video content, audio content, image content and more often than not a combination of the above. For example, most blog posts will contain an image, infographic or even a video.

Advertising can be broken down into online and offline. Online advertising often described as digital advertising includes; Pay Per Click (PPC), Display Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Paid Social advertising.

Offline advertising includes; Print advertising, Radio, Cinema, and for the most part TV advertising and Out of Home advertising.

TV and Out of home, is becoming more and more targeted through ‘digital out of home’ and ‘connected TV’ or ‘Over-the-top’ advertising, think bill boards which change to display adverts relevant to people walking past them or TV adverts targeted to an individual or household. It’s not mainstream yet, but it is coming.





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As part of understanding the marketing and advertising industry, it will come as no surprise that Mint Talent also provides recruitment services for the technology which often supports Marketing and Advertising. Read more about how we service both advertising technology (AdTech) and Marketing Technology (Martech.)